EarthLink Sucks

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Remember all those [fill in the blank with your favorite] pages? The company went bankrupt and most of the pages are gone. But, here’s Earthlink Sucks, which is appropos after my ranting about its wireless service.

I’ll give EarthLink good marks for working when I was in Austin. Christine used it to connect us to the ‘net from her 100 lb. laptop. However, its wireless service is separate from its Internet service.


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  • Posted by NJ Meryl on March 21st, 2002, 12:43 PM

    Her 100 lb. laptop?

    I sense a story behind this.

  • Posted by judie on May 9th, 2004, 7:19 PM

    I just signed up with earthlink on saturday,if anyone could send me any info on their internet service,i would apperciate it. thankyou

  • Posted by Ron on June 22nd, 2006, 7:32 PM

    After my week long ordeal with this pathetic excuse for a customer focused company, I’m at a local Starbucks hitchhiking on a local wireless network. Basically, they’ve assisted me by cutting off both my land line and my DSL service in the middle of a work day. As bad as that is, their response to my calls and emails are “your UPS tracking # is ##” and you should receive your modem soon.
    Hello, how about sending the frigging modem and starter kit before you cut off service. Anyway, as the old saying goes, a happy customer will typically tell one person about a great experience, a dissatisfied customer will tell 9. I plan to tell everyone that walks through the door of this Silcon Valley based Starbucks – Earthlink Sucks and I can’t wait (and I thought I would never say/write this) to pay AT&T to reconnect my service.

  • Posted by Gordon on June 29th, 2006, 11:57 PM

    I ended up with earthlink win they took over my old ISP about two years ago and I really didn’t experience series problems with Earthlink untill April year(2006).

    After Earthlink excepted and cashed my check as payment from for one more years service earthink has given me any credit for the money they took and continues to bill me each month.

    Dispite mailing then a registered letter with a copy of my canceled check in the mail Earthlink has aperiently made no real attempt to resolve the issue and instead after three
    months of tring to get them to fix the problem they are now threatned to cut my internet service off.

    So don’t do business with earthlink or you mite have problems with them.

  • Posted by Lewids Perdue on June 30th, 2006, 11:03 AM

    Earthlink is a rip-off. See

  • Posted by Karl Winkler on July 28th, 2006, 3:24 PM

    Yes, indeed. I posted a description of my horrible customer service experience with Earthlink on my blog a few months ago. Since then, I’ve seen the traffic to my site increase with the search term “earthlink sucks”. Well, here we all are telling everyone who comes by: stay away from this crooked company.

  • Posted by brock on August 6th, 2006, 12:16 AM

    my tale of woe regarding Earthlink. had to cancel all my plans this weekend because Earthlink took $200 out of my checking account.

    if you’re looking for an ISP, don’t use Earthlink. go elsewhere. they used to be awesome. now they just suck suck suck suck suck suck suck.

    see my link for the full story


  • Posted by ANN on August 12th, 2006, 9:50 AM

    This is the worse service I in thw world. I think I am going to have to contact BBB on them. they charge me over $150.00 for a service that was never even hooked up. I never got a chance to use the pone service. I sent there modem back and still have not recieved my credit back. Do I have to got to Texas? This doesn’t make any since at all. I recommend everyone to stay away from this bootleg company.

  • Posted by MJ Mandrano on August 18th, 2006, 10:22 PM

    Earthlink’s sucky recent “Update” damaged my Explorer 6.0 so badly that I not only had to uninstall it but, when I decided to re-install with Explorer 7.0 beta instead of the old 6.0, the damage carried over to the new Explorer program!!!! Earthlink’s ridiculous offshore unintelligible “tech support” person actually admitted that their update damaged my program, but they would do absolutely nothing to help me. I used to LOVE earthlink — been a customer for 4 years. Now I am furious and shopping for a new ISP. They have not responded to any of my customer service emails. What a way to run an ISP — destroy the customer’s browser and then say “oops! just uninstall and re-install, it will be OK”. WTF????

  • Posted by jess on August 24th, 2006, 8:38 PM

    They have the most useless “customer service” set-up where the tron dept has to have all of the communication with the actual vendor. Neither Sr. level dsl support techs or the customer is allowed to speak to the vender, and the tron dept does a carpy job of relaying info, so they waste your time and all the support time. I’ve got over 200 hours of phone calls in the last year for an intermittent problem that the tech’s have identified, but tron seems incapable of explaining and booking a fix for. So instead they want to keep sending me replacement modems or check my settings, when we know the problem is in the wiring on their side. They want me to wait at home for another 4 hour window so their tech can come by and test the line at my house, which will probably be working fine when they get here (intermittent line drop) and another week will be wasted.

    If I could bill them for my time I’d have free dsl for life. Unfortunately it would be a crummy line that cuts out all the time and tron support would useless.

  • Posted by Harry L. Hughes on August 27th, 2006, 3:18 PM

    Earthlink doesn’t treat your internet problems as if they were their own as they state on those fraudulent TV commercials they pay for with our money. Their reps are little brown turds from India who get off on Americans having trouble accessing the internet.After making rerpeated phone calls to their technical department, I was instructed to adjust my settings in my browser. As it turns out they told me to do the exact oppostite of what I should have set them to. They did this not once, but over 20 times. People from India hate Americans so we should not trust them. Earthlink gave me a two month credit after which I will be telling them to kiss my white ass. I’m looking foreward to being a former Earthlink customer.

  • Posted by » Blog Archive » Customer Service IVR and Online on September 5th, 2006, 9:28 AM

    […] Church of the Customer Blog shares many stories related to customer service. An important factor is for companies to listen to the blogosphere and the web about what people say about their products or brand. Looks like my old post on Earthlink picked up recently — but I’ve yet to see Earthlink respond. […]

  • Posted by Gary on September 18th, 2006, 5:30 PM

    Earthlink offered me an upgrade in DSL service from 3.0MB to 6.0MB for less than I was previously paying per month, so naturally I accepted the offer. Unfortunately, I’m lucky to get 700kb service at the present. 3 weeks of online chat, telephone conversations, trouble tickets and emails, all apparently outsourced in another country, and I still do not have the service. One agent says they are working on it, another says it’s not available.
    It’s the worse customer service I have ever experienced. It’s nothing but a runaround with people who are barely able to communicate in English and who are only trained in very basic troubleshooting.

  • Posted by nowplanb on September 27th, 2006, 11:04 AM

    I’m glad to have found this blog just reaffirming I’m not a total idiot. Well, I used to have dialup until I moved in with my girlfriend and now ‘we’ have earthlink accelerator. Let me tell you, this is total horseshit and is no faster than regular dialup, regardless of what it claims. And yes, from my perspective they are lying about how much faster accelerator is. Thanks for allowing me to rant. I found this blog with an ‘earthlink sucks’ search.

  • Posted by brucest on October 6th, 2006, 11:06 PM

    i’m sitting here in the last hour of my employment at earthlink right now. My job is being shipped to india. Most of this stuff is true.

    There’s 3 levels of tech support

    level 1 – india
    level 2 – phillopeans/US
    level 3 – whereever

    anyone for anyone who ever talked to an agent in Omaha, you will never have to talk to us again. We’re shutting down. Personally after 6 months of doing level2 and level3 tech support i would NEVER get earthlink as an isp. And what ever you do. NEVER install any of earthlink’s software! It’s all horrible.

  • Posted by Cyn on October 28th, 2006, 2:32 PM

    Well, this confirms my experience. Enjoyed the ranting. But here’s the question: who can one get to replace the &^%#$ Earthlink in California? I can’t stand the idea of giving AT&T more business. (Can customer service be any worse than theirs?)

  • Posted by Terri on October 30th, 2006, 5:00 AM

    Chiming in – well over three hours yesterday trying to reinstate internet service and email: six separate Live Chat agents and seven different phone agents in both Customer Service and Tech Services on a problem at their end, not mine. Unbelievable amount of being transfered, put on hold, and cut-off – then having to start again from square one with a new agent. It’s like their strategy is to wear you down rather than solve the problem. A few months ago, same problem trying to report a local phone line issue. I’ve been a customer 10 years and I must say that their service with the US agents used to be great.

  • Posted by Ken on January 3rd, 2007, 6:35 PM

    Well, I’ve waited a while to say this but, this is what you get with outsourcing.
    As a former elnk employee (Technical Support Supervisor and long time Tech) my team and I were always quite pleased with our single call resolutions but, that was not as important as CEO bonuses.
    You’ll not often hear from those 3,300 employees that were unjustly laid off to pad the executives checking accounts because they threatend us into silence as they let us go. All victims err – laid off employees had to sign a packet stating that if we spoke about this atrocity (outsourcing) we would give up our severence pay.
    The real bottom line is, leave Earthlink as soon as you can. Cripple this company and maybe as a survival tactic they’ll hire Americans again. If they do then, you may see the service level return.

    I see on the news today that Garry Betty Earthlink’s CEO has died at age 49. While I would not wish him ill nor wish for his death I certainly hope he enjoyed the bounuses he got for stepping on the little guy – at least he made enough from this deplorable outsourcing to take care of his family in his absence.

  • Posted by Tom on January 12th, 2007, 1:16 PM

    I side with you completely.

    My experience with Earthlink is as follows:

    In January 1997, I bought my very first computer so I could join in with the rest of America and get on-line. I chose to go with Earthlink dial-up because they were a local company (Pasadena) and I liked what they offered. They seemed to be a company that looked forward to the future..

    Earthlink remained my ISP up until December 2004, when, so many ISP’s were lowering their rates–at least trying to attract new business, I was paying over $45.00 a month for Earthlink DSL. I just wanted to lower my bill. One would think that since I had gotten many friends and family to do the same in regards to signing up with Elink, that they would have noticed that in the records and said, “Hey, he’s a good customer, lets give him a break of $5.00 or so…”

    Instead they decided to increase the monthly access fee to $48.00. Needless to say that did it for me.

    When I cancelled my account, having already gotten SBC to handle it at $19.95 a month for an even faster connection, Sam From Punjab tried to offer me a comparable deal @$39.95 a month. It took me over 15 minutes to explain to Sam From Punjab that this wasn’t a deal.

    The following month, Earthlink DSL disconnected, I was still being billed $48.00 a month! So, I had to take the time to go down to the bank and have them removed from Electronic Fund Transfer at-my-own-cost! (a bank charge)
    I was called several times by Elink and then several collection agencies wanting me to settle my account, even though there was nothing to settle. There were no buyouts from the contract either, as that contract was well past it’s opening year of service.

    Futher, my bank informed me that several times Earthlink had sought Electornic Funds Transfer information from them, which of course the denied each and everytime.

    For almost all of last year, I’ve gotten the usual calls from the recorded voice of on Mr. Sean Lee, and that, “I need you to call me as soon as possible.” sometimes as much as five times a day.

    Also last year, I had also heard that Earthlink’s original founders, including the elusive Sky Dayton had been funneling money for years into Scientology. while that may all be preported, I can’t help to feel anger that these people are allowed to continue to harrass me.

  • Posted by Ling on January 23rd, 2007, 2:56 PM

    Became an Earthlink cust by default. You know…Mindspring acquires Netcom and Earthlink acqauires Mindspring. I was a dial up cust until Jan 2005 when I “upgraded” to Earthlink DSL. Almost from the beginning I had problems with dropped DSL connections. There were many many calls to their tech support in the Philippines which resulted in many trouble tickets that ended with a call from India asking if the service was working. My reply was that right now it’s working but what happens if I have another problem? The answer was that the trouble ticket would remain open for another week. Of course each call to tech support resulted in an auto email with “handy” tips for solving DSL problems. Fast forward 2-4 weeks and the dropped connections start up. Since they closed the trouble ticket, I would have to start over by calling the Philippines.

    Now, after the latest trouble ticket in Jan 2007, India tells me that the modem they originally sent me in Jan 2005 is bad. The response I got to when could I expect a new modem was that the modem was no longer under warrenty, I’d either have to commit to another year of service or pay the full price for the modem. My reply was that modes simply don’t go bad and why did this take almost 2 years to discover. Additionally, I explained that had the problem been correctly diagnosed, the modem would still have been under warrenty and we wouldn’t be having this conversation. The reply was that these are the rules (and here I embellish) and bend over and take it like a man. I contacted customer service where I received the same response (with the same embellishment).

    My response was a little bit short of livid. I said that I would contact Mike Lunsford (interim CEO) in the hopes of resolving this problem in my favor. I FedEx’d him a letter explaining all that had happened. I resolved in my mind to give him two weeks for some type of response. The letter was received on Jan 11. On Fri., Jan 26, I begin shopping for a new ISP.

    A word to the wise: STAY AWAY FROM EARTHLINK! You’re better off with a tin can and string.

  • Posted by susan Hensley on March 23rd, 2007, 6:53 PM

    My earthlink experience is no better than the others, what a nightmare!!! I ordered True Voice in Feb, they took my number from Bell south, then I was left with no phone!!! four weeks later, hundreds of minutes on hold and I am still trying to get my refund for service I never had that they charged me for!!! Never spoke to anyone in the US although I asked many times to be transferred. Their idea of a transfer is to go from a rep in the Phillippines to one in India!!
    Never get True Voice it sucks. I switched to SunRocket and have been extremely satisfied, no outsourcing.

  • Posted by angela on April 25th, 2007, 2:50 PM

    Look how well all those cost cutting measures are working for them! Their customer retention rate is falling, they’re suffering financial losses, and they just don’t get it.

    I found the executive team blogs on another site – quite surreal. Nero fiddled while Rome burned, and apparently Earthlink executives blog while their city smolders.

    Might as well jump to ATT. They’re going to end up buying Earthlink anyway, I’ll bet.

    Man – who would ever think that would be a good thing?

  • Posted by Mike on May 11th, 2007, 5:01 PM

    I am currently experiencing a situation similar to many of the prior postings. I just got done chatting with their customer support. I had to reconnect to a new guy three times since my connection either kept dropping or I was just being ignored. I have not had DSL connectivity for almost a month now. I have been on the phone back-and-forth with the customer service. Each time that I call I have to start over at square one with the same basic troubleshooting scripted questions. They finally decided to make the determination that modem had gone bad and told me that they would send me one. This was three weeks ago. I called after a week had passed without receiving it, and I was told not to worry, that it was on it’s way. Then the first guy I chatted with today told me that he did see that ANYTHING was being shipped out to me and wanted to walk me through the whole process of figuring out what is wrong AGAIN! I told them that unless I received that modem via overnight delivery by tomorrow, or the day after (latest), I would discontinue service and go back to Verizon. I am an Earthlink employee myself and the discount I get is just not worth this hassle. I never had this problem with Verizon. Not saying that I love Verizon, but these are just the facts.

  • Posted by sam on July 9th, 2007, 6:43 PM

    Ive had similar experiences with earthsucklink. My service didnt work, tried to cancel, endless hours on the phone reexpaining everything, Finally they said send back the modem and stuff and theyd let me out of fee. I did that and now a colleciton agency is constantly calling me even after I made them tell me they would never charge me and never call me again. I am just ignoring it, I cant waste anymore time thinking about it or talking to any of their idiot people. Oh well, I’ll see what happens with my credit. I thinnk I will eventually go to BBB but thats only when they are knocking on my door. Dumasses! They will not get a penny from me!

  • Posted by itsnotfair on July 11th, 2007, 10:33 AM

    Earthlink’s biggest mistake ever closing the Omaha Call Center not renewing the contact and putting people jobless. Omaha provided earthlink with 5 good years of service and what do they do outsource it to overseas and close us down. Master Tech= Masterchef.

  • Posted by itsnotfair2 on July 15th, 2007, 5:33 PM

    As I remember correctly the Omaha Call Center was part of West Corp “onshore outsourcing solution” in which eventually replaced EarthLink’s Atlanta Call Center. I guess there wasn’t any justification in paying the CS/TS reps in Atlanta such a highly desirable salary of 21-27k including benefits and to lay them off?

    It was just a matter of time til everything went offshore anyway.

  • Posted by Jeanine Gebert on September 9th, 2007, 7:54 PM

    Earthlink continued to charge my account for 8 months after I cancelled! I switched to a new provider after being with earthlink for a very long time. they didn’t cancel my account, and I didn’t pay attention to my statements. {it was automatically withdrawn from my account} they could tell that I never used the service but I am sure they enjoyed scamming for the money, I WILL NEVER REFER ANYONE TO EARTHLINK, 3 of my friends have cancelled their earthlink account upon hearing of my ordeal. I will get my money back that way:)

  • Posted by Julian on January 12th, 2008, 12:39 AM

    I am not alone! I Was a Netcom, bought by Mindspring, bought by Earthlink (EL) customer. (Mindspring wasn’t too hot either.) My problems started with the original offer to move to EL. A free webcam incentive didn’t work. -I learned NOT TO INSTALL ANY SOFTWARE FROM EL EARLY. EL’s software inspired Spyware /adware /malware. We lifed with the dial up, except, that EL webmail had ads that, get this, would have to load prior to your being able to read your (#!@* email. I called them an they said, you’ll love this, “someone has to pay for the service.” -What the hell am I paying for then?
    Eventually, we gave up on the dial up because it was too slow, using work connections to check our mail. I called EL and asked if there was a bare-minimum plan before I quit the account forever. On-line chat person finds me Premium Mail for only 3.99 a month, $19.92 for the first year. We think about it, and yesterday I go to change my account to Premium. Problem is, I can’t. I can’t even find it on the web page. Luckly, I printed a page from the earlier chat session and a link was there. But I still can’t change my account, chat people can only do this. So I get on chat, and get the ball rolling. Short version: takes me an hour. The web page gives one price, but the guy in India wants 50% more. I laid the language for a successful law suit and say “give me the advertized price or I will file endless complaints that will eat up EL corporate’s lawyers. Whoever was on the other side of that chat hated my gust as much as I did theirs. End line from the chat guy : “Nathen A: I ahve given the Pln for $19.92.” -Seems he was trembling as much as I was. -I wish vile things to befall Earthlink. Yes, EL has pushed me to the dark side.

  • Posted by Earthlink user on November 3rd, 2008, 1:38 PM

    Earthlink has extremely poor service, and you have to wait onthe phone for a long time. If you do however wait it out and request reimbursement for free months they give it to you.

    But its not worth it, I’ve spent over 6 hours on the phone with them fixing problem after probelm.

  • Posted by Another Disgusted EL Customer on December 17th, 2008, 1:30 PM

    I’m trying to move my DSL service from EL to a local provided. After calling EL customer service and having the DSL service terminated I’ve found out the hard war that EL refuses to release the DSL line which means the new provider cannot connect. And I cannot reach anyone at EL who has any knwoledge or authority. As has been posted before all you get is some useless clerk in some far corner of the world.

  • Posted by Finally free on April 29th, 2009, 1:12 PM

    Finally ditched earthlink. Tired of the connection being dropped constantly during peak times – which is most of the time in the LA area. Horrendously unbelievable phone support. The Omaha support was good, but now that’s long gone. I’ll probably change my card number just to keep the b*stards from continual billing.

  • Posted by Huklu on July 22nd, 2011, 11:27 AM

    Yep, earthlink sucks!
    I can’t contact friends with el email accounts any more, because el blocks other mails domain.

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