The Corporate Blogging Book Release

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Hearty congrats to Debbie Weil on today’s official release of her book, The Corporate Blogging Book: Absolutely Everything You Need to Know to Get It Right (You can check out a free chapter here). I’m honored to have played a small part of her special project as I helped her with research.

Debbie provides her 5 key corporate blogging tips:

Tip #5: How to uncover your story for a corporate blog

Tip #4: Who should write your corporate blog?

Tip #3: How to address *time* – the top fear factor for corporate bloggers

Tip #2: ROI of blogging is measurable but not (usually) in dollars

Tip #1: Just do it

The Corporate Blogging Book: Absolutely Everything You Need to Know to Get It RightI owe y’all a review of the book. Though I helped with the book, I always provide an honest review. After all, anyone who reads the book can easily slam me if I’m not honest. But I can honestly say it’s a valuable resource: easy to understand, no dumbed down-speak, quick and fun read, and the perfect size.

Perfect size? What’s up with that? Some books just feel good when you hold them, and this one does. The paper, the feel of the cover, the size of the pages and cover, the binding… all of these features impact how a book feels — how easy do the pages stay open, how light it feels to hold it with one hand, and how legible the text appears to the eyes.

Thanks, Debbie, for trusting me with something so valuable.

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