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Seth Godin hasn’t been relying on job interview for a long time. Before I read the part about one of the worst employees he ever had — I immediately recalled a time when my team interviewed candidates (after the manager conducted the interview). One of the strongest candidates gave a fabulous interview… and turned out to be an unreliable employee.

Of course, plenty good quality employees got hired through the job interview process, but companies have missed out on good ones, too. It may or may not be because of the way they interviewed or they had to pick from three strong candidates. Nowadays, most companies require multiple interviews (manager, colleagues, and manager’s boss). This gives the candidate a chance to “connect” with other people — but does it work? Sometimes.

Joel Spolsky writes about finding the best developers — and it’s not through the job advertising process because the best ones rarely have to take that route. While what he says makes sense, there are plenty of strong developers who don’t get opportunities to switch to a better job because they haven’t met the right people yet.

A few companies do “trial” runs to test out a candidate. The problem with trials is they require more than a few hours or days to determine if the person is a fit. It isn’t fair to the candidate to quit a job just to go on a trial run.

I read that only six to eight percent find jobs through Internet postings. Computers have somewhat cursed the job hunting process. They take the human factor out of it as employees search for candidates through keywords. It’s harder to break into a large company.

Probably the best chance anyone has in finding a job is through networking. But I know plenty of talented individuals who are looking for better jobs and can’t connect with the right people. Not only do you have to connect with the right people, but those right people have to have a job that fits the individual. No magical formula exists for connecting employee and company. Have you found something that works?

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