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myspace_blog.gifTalk about confusing. MySpace says, “Post new blog.” You click “Post Blog” button after writing the entry. A business magazine recently encouraged readers to add a blog. In this case, it was talking about adding an “entry.”

A new entry can’t be defined as a new blog. A blog consists of entries. Entries consist of words and links. I opened several books on blogging to check their definition.

Blogging for Business: “Blogs organize their content into short “posts” or articles, which are displayed in reverse chronological order and tend to contain personal opinions as well as facts.”

The Corporate Blogging Book: “A blog, short for ‘Web log,’ is an easy-to-publish Web site.” and “Entry: The meaty part of a blog, i.e. the individual articles are short posts written by the blogger. Also known as post.”

Blog consists of entries. You write and add entries into a blog. You write IN a blog, not add a blog, unless of course, it’s a new blog in itself that will have entries added.


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