How To Brainstorm Domain Names

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On occasion, I get an assignment from a specific client that includes brainstorming company names as well as finding potential matching domain names. Lifehack has a nice article on How To Brainstorm Domain Names. When I brainstorm names that need domain names, here are things I keep in mind:

* Avoid words where the end of one word is the same as the start of the next word. Car racing, for example. This would translate to When recalling a domain name, I debate whether it’s or

* Put the domain name together and make sure the URL doesn’t look like an embarrassing URL. Bet you’ve seen a “forward this e-mail” that listed funny domain names like (Experts Exchange) and (Pen Island). Innocent and good names, but not so good URLs!

* Skip dashes, if possible. URLs with dashes have received a bad name because of spam sites. However, many wonderful sites use dashes like This site came out long before spammers got the idea to abuse the dash.

* Check the spelling. Is it hard to spell?

* Add another word, if you already have a company name where someone else already registered the domain name. If you’re ABC Painters, try adding a word such as “abcpaintersdallas” and “abcpaintersinc”. Obviously, a painting business would want to drive locals to its site, so adding a geographical name can help with search engines.

* Make the thesaurus your friend. Sometimes you discover a better word for something that represents your business. Coffee, java, and cafe are commonly used in coffee shops, so using a thesaurus to find something different might yield great results.

What URL naming dos and don’ts do you have?

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