One of my favorite gigs is doing game reviews for here, The Diamond Games, and Gamezebo. It means playing games without feeling any guilt. Plus, when I can’t focus or complete work tasks — I go to the games knowing that I’m working on a review since it doesn’t require focus (well, most don’t).

The casual games industry has come out with many entertaining and absorbing games this year. Most of these games are responsible for those nights where I stayed up past my bedtime.

Rather than sorting the best ones by category, we simply pick the top 10 and list them in alphabetical order.

  1. Build-a-lot: One of the more original games that also hooked Paul.
  2. Chocolatier 2: Another original game that is even better than the original Chocolatier.
  3. Cradle of Rome: A match three where you do more than quickly make matches and score enough points. You also have to try to “find” the towns people by making specific kinds of matches.
  4. Dream Chronicles: A hidden object and puzzle game with a nice story, beautiful scenes, and great puzzles.
  5. Farm Frenzy: Old MacDonald’s farm was never more entertaining.
  6. Gemsweeper: I never liked Minesweeper, but this one reeled me in.
  7. Miss Management: The cartoon graphics, character dialog, humor, tasks, everything makes this one stand out from the management games.
  8. Peggle
  9. Wedding Dash: I like Diner Dash, but I liked Wedding Dash better because the customers are drawn better and the game is more doable than Diner Dash, which is too hard.
  10. ZenGems: A different twist on match three with gorgeous visuals and great sounds.

Worthy noteables

  • Azada: Challenging puzzles.
  • Virtual Villagers 2: Play G-d to the adorable villagers who have their own personalities. The ending knocked it out of contention. While games are about the experience, not the ending… this one tells a story and it feels like it ends abruptly without giving all the information.
  • Fairway Solitaire: A creative solitaire game that takes Golf solitaire to another level.
  • Mortimer Becker and the Secrets of Spooky Manor: Awesome graphics and fabulous puzzles. Too short.
  • Mystery Case Files: Madame Fate: Engrossing story, superb graphics, and clever puzzles. Missed top 10 because of a strange ending.

Love to hear your favorites and why.


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  1. Mile says:

    Hidden object and time management games are addicted, that’s why almost all popular games are time management and hidden object type.

  2. I just stumbled across this post while blogging, and wondered if you’ve discovered “Virtual Farm” yet? I could swear it’s a spin off of my favorite game “Farm Frenzy”… wondering if you think so too. Glad I found this blog… subscribed! 🙂

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