Almost Everything You Want to Know about Twitter for Business

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Think I’ve covered every aspect of Twitter? Bet this list is missing something. What do you want to know about the microblogging service that even Conan O’Brian includes in his routine?

A Twitter Mystery: An adventure created in PowerPoint, but not using its built-in templates — just the design.

8 Ways to Avoid Overwhelming Your Followers’ Twitter Stream: I’m guilty of breaking rules especially the chat-related ones, but trying to get better about it.

Why People Don’t Follow Back in Twitter on Web Worker Daily: Hear from the crowd why they don’t follow some people back.

Twitter for Business FAQ: Some are leery of using Twitter for business. Perhaps, these answers will help them make the step forward.

7 Traits of Bad Twitter Follows: This came before the previous one.

7 Tips to a Good Twitter Experience: Believe me. When I first tried Twitter, I didn’t get it.

Twitter Success Means More Than Numbers: Of course, it’s cool when you’re reaching almost 2000 followers, but really… numbers mean little now.

How to Join Twitter Chats: Twitter chats are dangerous. They clutter the Twitter stream. I lost several followers because of my participating in chats (I now use my secondary ID for them @merylevans instead of @merylkevans). Some people are against chats on Twitter for good reason and believe they should move into a chat forum. Well, Twitter chats are going too strong to make a change.

How to Run a Successful Twitter Chat: Tips also apply to those participating. These guidelines are not Robert’s rules or anyone’s rules, just guidelines to help.

50+ Writer Uses for Twitter: Exactly that. Gleaned from a medical list. Bet you can come up with some for your business or industry.

Writer Doesn’t Get Twitter: I was like him when I took my first steps in Twitter.

4 Steps to Run with Twitter: Try to help people get up and running faster to save time in learning the hard way.

Real-life Twitter Business Success Stories: Amazing what you can get out of Twitter for business, too.

Slam-Dunk Networking With Twitter on Web Worker Daily: Do Twitter right.

Email Tip: Save Time and Stress with One New Folder on Web Worker Daily: This makes a big difference in managing my Twitter account. Early on, it was no big deal as I only received a couple of emails a day. That’s climbed a lot. This small step made a huge difference for this organized gal.

62 Ways to Use Twitter for Business: Exactly that.

When’s Prime Time on Twitter?: Always. Get on Twitter at an unusual hour for you and you never know what you’ll find.

How to Search Hashtags or chat with Twitter Search video with subtitles.

How to Use Tweetchat video with subtitles.

How to Use Tweetgrid video with subtitles.

How to Build a Better Twitter Bio: Are you sure you have it covered?

Twitter “Listed” Stat: Is It a Measure of Influence: Don’t let the Lists numbers bug you.

Get Organized with Twitter Lists Feature: Needing experts on X topic, make a list for the topic and you have you instant go to spot.

How Much Should You Reveal About Yourself Online: More than just Twitter, but every bit as helpful.

Using Twitter Lists Feature for Writing

10 Commandments for Writers Using Social Media: More than just Twitter, but just as applicable.

11 Reasons Why People Don’t Follow Back on Twitter: It’s not you… most of the time.

The Foolproof Way to Separate Fact from Fiction on Twitter: Crowds can make us believe something that’s not true.

How Writers Handle Personal and Professional Lives in Social Media: Some have multiple accounts, some combine.

How to Create a Twitter Profile for Writers: Making sure your profile doesn’t turn people away.

How Much Time Should You Spend on Social Media? What to consider when deciding.

Make the Most of Your Social Media Time: Some ideas and how I do it.

How to Build Conversations in Social Media Using the Three P’s: Passion, Planning and Promotion.

List will receive updates as more articles come out to fill any other gaps. What would you like to know about Twitter that these don’t answer?

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Updated 26 January 2010

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