Links: Happy Sweet 16 2010 Edition

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My oldest and only daughter turned 16 on Wednesday. Now I don’t have to schlep her to school when she wants to go early. When she was younger, we captured her on video saying that she didn’t want to drive. Of course, that changed and she was itching for her birthday to arrive.

That’s me next to her car. The first day she has everything she needs to drive the car to school… and it snows. So I took her and posed with her car for posterity. I’ve yet to get a picture of her and her car together. I will! It makes sense that this happened… considering the story of her arrival.

She was born in Alexandria, VA, on a night when we had snow and ice. AND Dallas-Fort Worth — where first time Grandma and Grandpa lived and waited for us to call when I was about to have the baby — also had ice. Yet, Grandma walked in my hospital room four hours before my daughter arrived. She lucked out in catching a late plane just before it pulled away. The airline staff said, “Hold up! First-time Grandma coming.”

If you’re like many of us — stuck at home because of the snow — it’s a great time to play some games.

Brain food…

And for fun because we’re allowed…

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