Links: Last Week of Summer 2010 Edition

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OK, the summer season doesn’t end until September 21, but this refers to summer off from school. I remember discussion about year-round school when I was a student and dreaded the idea. Of course, I changed my mind about that when I became a parent. It’s not about trying to keep the kids out of the house. They’d still get summer break, just not for such a long time that they forget what they’ve learned.

Year-round school also gives them a couple of more breaks during the school year to recuperate. Every single year — without fail — the kids start acting up by April. They’re burned out and tired by then. Back before Texas legislature intervened to create a single start date for the entire state (for the sake of tourism), we used to start earlier and get one week off in the fall. This worked well because it provided older kids with the opportunity to visit college campuses at a time when colleges were in session.

Can I just say I don’t like moving a blog from one software app to another?

Brain food…

And for fun because we’re allowed…

What’s one memorable thing you did this summer? (Or during the time between June and August 2010 as it’s not summer everywhere!)

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