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At the 2007 State Fair of Texas.
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Today Big Tex starts welcoming everyone to the Texas State Fair in Dallas where fried food reigns. Every year since 2005, the State Fair holds a fried food contest where cooks submit their unique fried creations. Last year’s winner… fried butter. My cholesterol shot up a few points just from typing that. The Fair has presented fried Coke, fried cookie dough, fried PBJ and banana sandwich.

This year’s best taste winner: Texas Fried Fritos Pie (Texas chili with sharp cheddar inside Fritos, then lightly battered and fried.) The most creative winner is fried beer (beer-filled pretzel pocket). I’m not kidding. See the list of Big Texas Choice Awards winners since 2005. How about a healthy food contest to go with it?

I’d like to take my kids to the State Fair just once, but every year it’s just ¬†too expensive even with free tickets for Sundays for the kids. Yes, I know — I’d be making memories. But it’s not easy to just pick up and go there.

Avil Beckford of The Invisible Mentor interviewed me. Here’s the part one of the interview and part two of the interview. I shared life lessons in hopes it will help others learn something from them.

Brain food…

And for fun because we’re allowed…

Here’s a question from The Invisible Mentor interview that I’d love to hear you answer: How do you nurture your soul?

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