40+ Naming and Branding Resources

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In her Name Tales newsletter, Marcia Yudkin shares a disheartening Las Vegas Sun article about what happens to a company that chooses a name that resembles another company’s name. The story shows that anything can happen with a company’s name that even if the company does nothing wrong. The safest thing to do is not fall in love with one name or brand, but to have a few options and then research to see if anything comes close.Names Twooooooooooo.0

These resources help you with your naming and branding effort with a couple of what not to dos.


  1. 5 Obvious Rules for Naming Your Product (That We Wish We’d Followed)
  2. 8 Mistakes to Avoid When Naming Your Business
  3. 10 Tips for Naming Your Company, Product or Service
  4. 11 Ways to Play the Name Game
  5. 50 Worst Company Names (Requires registration)
  6. The Basics of Branding
  7. The Best (and Worst) Business Names
  8. Branding Dilemma: When to Use Your Own Name
  9. Business Name and Tagline Generator
  10. Create a Unique Company Name
  11. Day2Day Activities: How they named their companies
  12. How 10 Famous Technology Products Got Their Names
  13. How they named companies – fact or fiction?
  14. How to Create a Great Business Name
  15. How to Create Company Names
  16. How to Name Your Business
  17. How to Select a Company Name
  18. Hunt is on for world’s worst rebranding
  19. Microsoft’s Zune Raises Ruckus in Hebrew — the reason you should verify your brand name in another language before selling it in other countries. Chevy Nova (no go) wouldn’t go over well in Spanish-speaking countries.
  20. The Name Game
  21. Put Your Business Name to the Test and more from About.com
  22. Tech’s Product Name Guru: Meet the man who coined BlackBerry, Azure and More
  23. Think Search Before You Name Your Next Product
  24. Wikipedia company name etymologies


  1. Brainstorming domain names.
  2. Brand Name Generator
  3. Brand Naming
  4. Building the Perfect Beast: The Igor Naming Guide to Creating Product and Company Name
  5. CatchWord Naming Blog
  6. Community Mottos and Nicknames. City names can provide inspiration.
  7. The Funny Name Server
  8. Latin dictionary
  9. Name Tales
  10. POP! Stand out in Any Crowd book.
  11. Free Tools and Sites for Writers: Check the resources section for references.
  12. Snark Hunting: The Naming and Branding Blog
  13. US Patent and Trademark Office
  14. Web 2.0 Name Generator
  15. Writer’s Digest Flip Dictionary book
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