Links: The Storm before the Quiet 2010 Edition

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Or is that the quiet before the storm?Washington Monument lightning

All of the kids get out of school early today. I’m trying to finish up my work so I can make the most of winter break. It’s been an overwhelming two weeks filled with anxiety. I try to tell myself to take it one day at a time and one to do item at a time. Then, celebrate each completed item. Normally, this works well. I guess when you haven’t even done the annual letter that you send to friends by this point, it’s not a good sign.

I’m one of those who tends to be the first one sending out the holiday letter. Haven’t even started it. That’s because I had to prioritize my list. My friends won’t fall apart if they don’t hear from me, whether it’s late or not this year. That goes for blogging, too. I enjoy blogging and sharing my experiences with you, but I had to sacrifice it because of priorities.

Yes, like exercise, people tell you… make time for it! Make time for blogging! Make time for this. Make time for that. Enough make times and you’ll have to take things off your list or change the priority into low ones.

By the way, exercise is one of my higher priorities. It affects my physical and mental health.

Next Friday is Christmas Eve. The following is New Year’s Eve. I hope that you will spend time offline enjoying whatever you enjoy whether it’s eating Chinese food or attending midnight services. Ooh, that reminds me… I need to see if I have a jigsaw puzzle that I haven’t done. I do one every year during winter break.

All right, time to let you go tour the goodies and for me to get back to work.

P.S. In case you wondered, I took that photo in the ’90s when I lived in DC. I don’t have an eye for photography, but proud of that picture.

Brain food…

  • Make Calm Your Default Setting: Bob Burg teaches an important lesson. Some hospitals don’t just ask you if your pain is 1 through 10 with 10 being unbearable. They show you a picture with 10 faces illustrating pain from a touch to monstrous. What may be a catastrophe for one person is an annoyance to another.
  • Strategy Made Simple: I think most of us know that social media for business should have a strategy and plan. But not all of us have the resources especially one-person businesses. Ron Ploof shares a simple table to help you manage your social media strategy.
  • Breathtaking Facebook Fan Pages: Breathtaking may be a little strong, but they’re impressive and provide lots of great ideas. Many are from entertainment industry, but scroll down for food, beverage and misc.
  • All About the Excerpt: Key to convincing people to buy the book. [Link: Elizabeth Craig]
  • 10 Ways to Beat Writer’s Block Fast: Not yet another writer’s block advice column. Has a couple of unique ideas.

And for fun because we’re allowed…

How will you spend the last two weeks of the year?

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