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Thanks for clicking the URL in my Twitter profile for a little background 411 and what I try to do for you.

I’m Meryl K. Evans (I can’t help but put the “K” in there), the content maven behind Meryl.net and the @merylkevans twitter ID.

The About page tells you more about this site, my journey and my background that leads to what I try to share with you. Here’s a little 411 in more than 140. Rather just learn more about Twitter for business? That’s cool.

The Basics and What I Do

I’m a Texas gal living in Plano, a hop, skip ‘n jump north of Dallas. I’ve been happily married for 20 years to a great guy and co-parent of one girl and two boys.

I’m a full-time freelance writer and editor who plays with content businesses so they may connect with their readers and prospects. I write for publications online and off, blog for several companies, create content for newsletters and websites, networks on social medial sites. I’m available for hire. No guns here.

On Twitter

Like you, I click through Twitter profile links to get to know people beyond their profiles. Of course, I’d like it if we connect (unless you’re a spammer, but then again a spammer wouldn’t check out profile links, right?) through my @merylkevans twitter account.

I don’t tweet about what I’m eating or what I am wearing. Instead, I share other people’s brilliant comments and resources, thoughts I’ve learned or discovered that I think you’d like and a look at my personal and professional life as a freelance writer working full-time out of a home office (I’m always dressed, I promise) who happens to be a mom.

Books Authored

I’ve authored a book about using Outlook 2007 — Brilliant Outlook Pocketbook. I’m a co-author of Adapting to Web Standards: CSS and Ajax for Big Sites. I’ve contributed to other books covering software, web design, blogging, business and writing.

Read My Story

I won’t bore you with my life’s story. Since many people ask, you can read my story on how I became a full-time writer and how to get started as a writer along with links to more resources.

Connect with Me

Thanks for stopping by to learn about me. You can connect with me on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google + and twitter, of course.


I’ve been blogging on meryl.net since June 2000. I added a Baby Blog in 2002 while pregnant with the youngest and a deaf blog in 2003 when I was preparing for a cochlear implant. Then, Mark Wegner hooked me on casual games. I update these three blogs:

Thanks to Amy Palko and Darren Rowse for the Twitter landing page inspiration.

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