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Call to Action

Call To Action The main purpose of the book is to help businesses increase their conversion rates. Conversion, and there isn’t a better word to describe it, means action that leads to the results you want. It could be increased product sales, more newsletter subscriptions, contacting the business, or more registered users. Call for Action is about improving the rates of what you want users to do.

Many books covering Web design address usability and making it easier for the user. But no book that I know of shows how to get your users to take the action you want. A usable site doesn’t guarantee action. Call for Action moves beyond helping users find things easily and focuses on persuasion so your business can see an increase in its bottom line. experienced a five percent conversion increase by fixing one thing based on the authors’ advice.

The categories that make up persuasion design include planning, structure, momentum, communication and value. The book begins with an overview of the entire process and then digs in to each category along with its perspectives, strategies, examples, and conversion tips from experts in search engine optimization, online marketing, and usability.

Researching and understanding the customers plays a vital role in this process. An example of this: you create a profile of three customers who have similar demographics, but come to the site for different reasons. After arriving on the Web site, these three customers go to a different part of the site. The challenge is to address the needs of all three on the landing page and then help them along to the next step through “scent of information” (leading the user to where he wants to go based on his persona).

You won’t find theories in the book. Instead, expect practical advice on online marketing so you can make the most of your users’ time on your site. While most of the concepts are practical, it has heavy-duty stuff, too. Those more experienced with e-commerce will appreciate it. If you skip the more challenging concepts, the book quickly pays for itself with the implementation of an idea or two. I like the case studies, especially the before and after examples for both design and content. People who learn from examples will appreciate the diversity of examples covered in the book.

Call for Action thoroughly covers many concepts proving a challenge to provide you with an overview of what it’s about. Anything you can think of having to do with online marketing and Web design is likely included. Rather than treating Web design and marketing as two entities, the two work together as one and it leads to better results. Marketers, designers, search engine experts and information architects will definitely benefit from this book. The Eisenbergs are among the few who focus on what the business needs to do to reach its goals with its customers in mind.

The price of the book is a great deal considering it’s a hardcover.

Title: Call to Action
Author: Bryan Eisenberg and Jeffrey Eisenberg
Publisher: Wizard Academy Pr
ISBN: 1932226397
Date: May 2005
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 326
Price: Cover: USD$13.95 Amazon:$11.16 CDN$: 14.04 UKú: not in stock

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