Astraware March 2009 Discounts

From now until midnight on 31st March 2009, Astraware’s award-winning Astraware Sudoku, Astraware Casino, Astraware Boardgames and Astraware Solitaire are all available for the discounted price of $4.95 each! That’s a savings of $5 off the new regular price of $9.95.

To get these special prices, visit, add the games to your cart and click buy – the discounts are already applied!

Whilst you’re in the mood for saving, our colleagues at Handmark are having a site-wide Buy One, Get One Free sale until 29th March. To take advantage, visit, and use the discount code DEMAND.


Zeeby Awards Results

Gamezebo announces the winners of the Zeeby Awards for games released in 2007 (doing it by year is easier than from month/ year to month / year. I believe the winners are deserving — it was a tough one as we continue to see many high quality and innovative games come out every year.


Astraware Summer Sale

Summer’s here and it’s time for some fun! Whether you’re on vacation, or just want something new to play, Astraware(R) has the solution – the Astraware Hot Summer Sale!

Starting on 1st August, Astraware is offering 25 games each with at least 25% off the regular price. Several of the games are as low as $9.95 each!

If you’re looking for action games like Platypus or GTS World Racing, strategy titles like Westward or Tradewinds 2, word games like Bubble Babble, or favorite classics like Astraware Sudoku – they’re all included with special prices for a limited time! The Hot Summer Sale only lasts until midnight on 17th August, so make sure you don’t miss out.

For all the details and to bag yourself a bargain, visit the Hot Summer Sale page at:


Games up for Grabs at Blog 8th Birthday Bash

It may be this blog’s birthday, but the presents will go to readers like you. All the birthday details here. Here are the games up for winning!

  • Reflexive contributes a total of 10 copies of three games! Some are for Mac.
    • Big Kahuna Reef 2: 4 copies (2 Mac and 2 PC)
    • Ricochet Infinity: 2 copies (PC)
    • Airport Mania: 4 copies (2 Mac and 2 PC)
  • One full copy of Orchidia PC game from Joyboost. See Meryl’s Orchidia review.
    • One full copy of Spinword PC game from Joyboost.
    • One full copy of Astraware Classic Collection, which includes Astraware Sudoku, Astraware Solitaire, and Astraware Board games. Astraware is one of Meryl’s favorite — if not the best — developer of handheld software.
  • Two full copies of Magic Farm Game PC games from Oleg Kuznecov of Meridian’93.
  • Unicorn Castle from PC game from Oleg Kuznecov of Meridian’93.
  • One copy for a reader and one copy for a guest blogger. My Magic Farm review.
  • One Alawar PC game package including full copies of Virtual Farm, Curse of Montezuma, and Alex Gordon.
  • Full copy of First Class Flurry PC game from Chanon Sajjamanochai of Viquagames. Meryl’s First Class Fury review.
  • Full copy of Lex Venture: A Crossword Caper PC game from Mark Kanter of Bang Out Games. Meryl’s Lex Venture: A Crossword Caper review.

2008_boardofexperts.gifIt’s already time to start recognizing the best software for Windows Mobile devices and smartphones running Windows Mobile. If you know of a product that deserves a nomination, go to the nomination form or check out the awards page, which contains 2007 winners and questions with their answers.


Astraware Launches Boardgames

Astraware BoardgamesYears ago, I had Backgammon on my Palm Pilot and it hooked me. Then more original games came along and I forgot about it. Astraware knows these games are a mainstay for a reason… they’re good games. Astraware Boardgames comes with eight games:

Astraware BoardgamesUsers can customize the rules and level of difficulty (three levels) for each game. Boardgames supports Palm OS devices, Windows Mobile (both touchscreen and non) 2003, 5 and 6.


Get 25% off on over 90 games for the handheld at Astraware from October 3 through October 18. Games range from brain teasers, word games, puzzles, adventures, card games and action games.

Club Astraware members can also earn points on any games they buy in the sale – 1 point for every cent they spend!


Astraware Solitaire PDA Game Review

Astraware SolitaireWith so many solitaire games out there for computers and handhelds, you’d think, “Enough already!” Astraware didn’t let the thought of a crowded market stop them and it was a winning move as Astraware Solitaire hit a Blackjack.

The company earned my respect years ago and continued to keep it with its releasing high quality games for the small screen. Astraware Solitaire comes with 12 games, ranging from the easy to hard and from takes skill to relies on luck. Some take a long time to play while others are fast. So points awarded for variety.

If you’re not familiar with a game, the main screen lets you know the difficulty, chances of winning, time it takes to play, and whether it takes luck and/or skill. Games include the following:

Calculation, Canfield, Clock, Four Seasons, Freecell, Golf, Idiot’s Delight, Klondike, Pyramid, Spider, Sultan’s Harem, and Yukon.

Astraware SolitaireEvery game comes with customizable options such as how many calls to deal, how many redeals, and how to build fondations. If you don’t know what these means, tap “i” for more information. Astraware Solitaire offers plenty of help in explaining every game.

When you win games and do certain things, you also earn Trophy Cards (like badges). Trophys will eventually unlock additional backgrounds and deck card backgrounds. Go in the Trophy Room from the Main Menu to see the collected trophies and the uncollected trophies. When you complete a full Trophy Desk, it unlocks the deck for use in games. Very cool feature.

It looks like Astraware has every possible useful feature a solitaire card game can have including statistics. The statistics shows total time played, number of games, average time per game, wins, losses, longest winning and losing streaks, and current streak. Statistics are also available for each card game. With all these features, it’s amazing how fast the game runs.

Astraware SolitaireExcellent solitaire package. It’s customizable, gives awards, and comes with unlockables. If you buy just one, you should be more than happy with this one. Astraware Solitaire is available for Pocket PCs, Smartphones and PalmOS PDAs.

As usual, you may try before you buy. Trial users may play up to 20 new games in any combination of the different solitaire types on offer. Additionally, unlockables (card/background graphics/trophies) may be unlocked, but aren’t available for use until the user has registered.


Hidden Expedition TitanicI enjoyed Hidden Expedition: Everest and recently tried Hidden Expedition: Titanic. Everest gripped me more than Titanic did. Nonetheless, both are good games and Astraware knows it as the premier small screen developers partner with BigFishGames to bring Hidden Expedition: Titanic to handheld devices.

The hidden object game with the legendary Titanic theme allows players to search the wreckage for antique artifacts for the Titanic Museum. It wouldn’t surprise me if Astraware starts releasing more hidden object games. In fact, I wonder what took so long 🙂

Hidden Expedition TitanicThis game works well on the small screen since you tap your stylus on the found objects or use the five-way control scheme (I believe this relies on buttons).

Compatible devices include Palm OS devices with high-resolution screens running OS5 and above, and Windows Mobile smartphones and PDAs running WM2003, 2003SE, 5 and 6. The game retails for $19.95 and you can try before you buy.


Broken SwordWhile the review focuses on the PalmOS version of the game, some of its elements can apply to the PC version, Gameboy version, and Windows Mobile version.

Broken Sword: The Shadow of Templars is an epic adventure that begins in Paris where American tourist George Stobbart witnesses a murder in a (what else?) cafe. The murdered stole the ancient manuscript from the dead man. George takes an interest in the murder and begins unraveling a lengthy story surrounding the Knights of Templars. He doesn’t go on the adventure alone as he meets photojournalist Nico Collard.

George does all the grunt work and puts himself in danger while Nico stays comfy in her flat waiting for his visits or phone calls. While maneuvering on a PalmOS device gets tricky, Astraware does a spectacular job in bringing the adventure to the small device.

Broken SwordThe engrossing story has kept me busy for hours and months. I’ve had the game for a long time, but due to other commitments — I couldn’t play it or took long breaks in between. More impressive, the long game plays beautifully on the PalmOS and never crashes. The graphics in the cutscenes, where you watch a mini-movie or stills, looked sharp and contained a cinematic effect.

The game contains many little details that appeared clearly on the small screen. The trickier parts of the game involved using two or more objects together. I had to play with the controls for a long time when I came across the first time a situation called for combining two objects. Once you figure it out, future object combinations go more smoothly — but not perfectly.

Adventure games have one drawback — replayability, or lack thereof. Few people replay an adventure game upon completion. But this one lasts a long time to earn its money’s worth. Not only does Broken Sword: The Shadow of Templars take you beyond Paris to Ireland, Spain, Britain and Syria, but also it provides plenty of comic relief. George’s quick-witted humor makes him instantly likable.

Broken SwordConsidering I took breaks between game playing sessions, sometimes I lost track of the story. In most cases, the game gets you back on track. Playing Broken Sword: The Shadow of Templars reminded me of the old days when I loved playing adventure games like King’s Quest, Mystery House and Leisure Suit Larry. Be patient, absorb all of the dialog and you’ll enjoy the game to the fullest.

Try Broken SwordBroken Sword: The Shadow of Templars for PalmOS or Windows Mobile.

Compatibility: Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars is not compatible with Palm Tungsten T and Tungsten T2, Sony CLIÉ UX40, UX50 and VZ90. It’;s also not compatible with low resolution (160×160) Palm OS® devices such as: Zire 21, Zire 31, Z22, Tréo 600, or QVGA (240×320) Palm OS® devices such as: Qool QDA 700 and the PiTech W300.

Pocket PC Compatibility: The game comes in two versions, one for Windows Mobile 2003 and the other for Windows Mobile 5. Be sure to get the right one.