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Glad to see it is possible to see a Meryl Evans promoted to a big job — Meryl Evans Promoted to Vice President of Administrative & Information Services at Electro Rent Corporation. Oh, it’s not me. Me a math major? Now that’s funny. Interestingly enough, Meryl went to college and worked in Texas. Too weird. However, you’ll never find me moving to California. Nothing against the state, just not my style.

When I lived in Washington, DC, I reviewed a membership directory of one of the organizations to which I belonged. There was a Meryl who had my maiden name. Maybe to many of you that having folks out there who share your name is no big deal, but it’s always an interesting find for me. I see many Paul Evanses and Michael (my brother) out there. But Elisa (my sister) and Meryl are a whole ‘nother ballgame.

When Paul was in the Air Force, he ran into problems thanks to his name and SSN . He got his pay stub one payday and it was for $0.00. He went to the finance people and asked about it. They said he had an Article 15 judgement against me. He told them, he did not. They claimed he did. Did not. Did too! Did not! Did so!

He had to get my commander to tell them that, no he did not have a judgement against Paul and then they wanted to confirm that I was Paul A. Evans, SSN ###-##-#### and that was no. The SSN was the same as Paul’s with only ONE digit being different. Plus, evil Paul’s middle name was Allan while mine is Allen.

When someone pulled up the records, he could only assume that his name must have been the next one in line and they missed. It took three months to get it straightened out. The finance department had to pay partial payments in cash until he started getting his pay back. But they can’t pay 100 percent on a partial payment, only 80 percent, so he got a good check at the end of it.

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