Small Business vs. Entrepreneurs vs. Freelancers

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Seth Godin started a debate over small businesses versus entrepreneurs in his blog. Follow the trackbacks and the debate spreads. The fruits of the debate began at SmallBusinessBrief.

Everyone is right and wrong. Both sides have people who are happy and people who aren’t happy. I think the service group doesn’t necessarily fall in either category and it’s where I belong. I want to remain a one-person business, but this doesn’t mean I won’t grow. I want to grow, but without sacrificing morals and client happiness.

Obviously, one-person businesses face different pressures. For one, if I am not working, I’m not earning. Well, maybe I earn a little bit from ads, but not enough to cut my work hours. I would’ve stayed in the corporate world if I wanted to earn good money without the pressure of finding clients and getting a paycheck even when things get slow. As of this month, I’ve been a full-time freelancer for one year.

I never expected it to be a smooth ride. I deal with a diversity of clients and it’s easier to get criticized because you’re the only one doing the work. In the corporate world, I was part of a team and we created the product together. Plus, I rarely got to connect with our clients.

I’m happier since making the switch because my life is more well-rounded. With three kids, I’ve got more flexibility in getting them where they need to go or stepping in when something comes up. I volunteer more than I have in years. Plus, I take tennis lessons and play mahjongg once a week. Until I retired from the corporate world, I had little social interactions.

I’ve finally reached where I want to be in life: balancing and enjoying my personal and work lives. You may have heard about Americans having fewer friends. That was me until one year ago. Now I feel like I’ve settled down and feel like I belong in this community. No more thinking, “I’ll make more friends later. I’ll do volunteer work later. I’ll take up a sport later. I’ll make new memories later.” As far as I know, we’ve got one life to live and I want to live it now not when my kids move out.


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