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Disclaimer: I did research for Debbie Weil for this book.

The Corporate Blogging Book: Absolutely Everything You Need to Know to Get It RightYes, there’s a flood of books on business blogging hitting the market, but each one is different. Debbie Weil’s The Corporate Blogging Book is written for the corporate-minded person who isn’t sure about the blog thing especially in a business setting.

The book tells it like it is and is exactly what its title says. The book opens with 20 comprehensive questions about corporate blogging to answer the busy executive and manager’s immediate questions. Weil spends a full chapter on the fear of blogging, a persistent theme in business blogging.

The questions are the first of many “executive summary” style resources in the book. Weil provides summaries, lists, and narrative style content to help with scanning. Readers can read cover-to-cover, skip around, or skim and gain insight. With the table of contents, scannable content, and index, the reader can easily find the features of interest.

Quick read tips cover fears in blogging, ways to use a corporate blog (not just for external communications), ten tips for writing an effective business blog, blogging readiness assessment, what to cover in making the case for blogging to the boss, and a “Get Smart Glossary” so the reader won’t have a blank look when someone uses a blogging-related term.

Those familiar with Weil’s style through her blog and speeches will encounter the same style in the book: honest, straightforward, conversational, absorbing, and sharp. She answers every possible question that an executive or manager has about blogging including return on investment, making the business case for blogging, and how to overcome the common fears and doubts about blogging.

Even if a business hasn’t decided to blog, understanding blogs from a corporate perspective is a must for organizations of all sizes. Whether or not a company blogs, people will talk about your company. Are you prepared to deal with the blogosphere (the world of blogs)? Weil shares examples of situations where the blogosphere created negative publicity for a company because of a problematic product.

Businesses can’t jump into blogging like a personal blogger can. Weil covers the need for blogging policies, guidelines, and disclaimers while sharing a few samples in the bonus resources (like an appendix). With the book, the reader gets a clear overview of what blogging is and how it affects businesses. Further, it provides tools, ideas, and a plan for understanding and getting involved with blogging — most important, it answers all of your questions about business blogging.

I rarely comment on the size, look, and feel of a book, but this one is worth mentioning. The paper on the cover has a nice feel — not your usual hardcover smooth feel — rather just a touch of coarseness in a good way. It’s lightweight and a little smaller than an average hardcover book in length and width. Occasionally, a book’s “outside” surprises me because it’s easy to hold and read — and I notice. [ More info in a past entry… ]

Title: The Corporate Blogging Book: Absolutely Everything You Need to Know to Get It Right
Author: Debbie Weil
Publisher: Penguin Portfolio
ISBN: 1591841259
Date: August 2006
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 240
Cover Price: USD: $23.95 Amazon: $16.29

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