Text Sucker Speaks Volumes

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Netdisaster, an online toy/application, creates a disaster of your choice to a Web site. A great way to get that frustration with a Web site or company out of your system.

The site is a valuable tool for writers. Use the “text sucker” option, enter a Web address, and Go. Give the vacuum a moment to do its job (very cool effect). The result displays the Web page without text. Sure, a picture can say a 1000 words, but not in the case of most Web sites.

After all, “A word is worth a 1000 pictures,” says Jeff Sexton. He teases readers with his headline of “1000 tips for selling online without paying a copywriter.” The tip? Hire a copywriter times 1000. Don’t shoot the messenger.

Check out Yahoo! below after text sucker does its job.


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