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If your PR and marketing folks aren’t tracking your company, brand, and competition online, they need to get up to speed to better do their jobs. If you play all of the roles, tracking your company and brand isn’t as time consuming as it sounds.

Remember alert services, blogs, and social network sites. Many of these can deliver updates to your inbox or phone.

Alert Services: Sends e-mail, text, etc. whenever your keyword shows up somewhere. Media services such as BBC News and TMCNet have their own alerts — so check out sites that cover your industry and sign up for their alerts. Here are general free keyword alert services.

  1. AOL Alerts
  2. Clip and Copy — three free searches in Basic account.
  3. Google
  4. GoogleAlert (not from Google) — gives three free searches).
  5. Reuters
  6. Twitbeep — Google alerts for twitter.
  7. Twilerts — Google alerts for twitter.
  8. Twitter Search — Even if you check your own @replies page, someone may have mentioned you and it’s good to check here.
  9. Windows Live Alerts
  10. Yahoo

Blogs: You can most likely find blogs for every industry. Numerous blog directories exist that to make a list here would be futile. MasterNewMedia has a hey-ugggeee list.

Social network sites: Also too many to list, but it should include Facebook, LinkedIn, Myspace, and conversations like Twitter and forums. Also look for social networks covering your industry. The following sites/tools let you search Twitter with keywords:

Track forums and other conversations with these sites:


Updated: January 16, 2009

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