Links: 2008-10-24

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And for fun because we’re allowed…

  • xkcd: A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math and language. Be warned that some strips are not suitable for young’uns. Strong language, adult situations.
  • Ever struggle to accept a friend request? Here’s a great Offbase comic.
  • Upside Down Dogs: Aww…
  • Lego Artist: Wow!
  • Duarte’s 2007 Pumpkin Contest Entries: 2008’s contest is coming soon. Too cute and creative! I’d love to enter… but I couldn’t come close to 1 Up, Feed Me! (love the movie), Identity Theft, Infern O’ Lantern, The Hand Cramp (I hope its creator is over it… although I can see why)… just to list a few.
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