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Thanks for clicking the URL in my Twitter profile for a little 411 in more than 160.

I’m Meryl K. Evans (I can’t help but put the “K” in there), the content maven behind Meryl.net and the @merylkevans twitter ID. Content maven? It means I help clients with anything and everything content — well, almost. I’m sure some folks can come up with something I wouldn’t do. I’m a writer, editor, social media’r and content marketer. Started doing this before “maven” got overused and content marketing became a bandwagon.

The About page tells you more about this site, my adventures and my background. Rather just learn more about Twitter for business? That’s cool.

The Basics and What I Do

I’m a Texas gal living in Plano, a hop, skip ‘n jump north of Dallas. I’ve been happily married for 25 years to a great guy and co-parent of one girl and two boys.

I’m a full-time freelance writer, editor, social media’r and content marketer who plays with content to help clients build relationships with their clients and prospects. I write for publications online and off, blog for companies, create content for email campaigns, newsletters, websites and social media. I’m available for hire (without the guns — yes, even though I’m a native Texan!).

On Twitter

Like you, I click through Twitter profile links to get to know people beyond their profiles. Of course, I’d like it if we connect (unless you’re a spammer, but then again a spammer wouldn’t check out profile links, right?) through @merylkevans on twitter.

I don’t tweet about what I’m eating or wearing. (Quite boring.) Instead, I share other people’s brilliant comments and resources, thoughts I’ve discovered that I think you’d like and a peeks into my personal and professional life as a freelance content marketer working full-time out of a home office (I’m always dressed, I promise) who happens to be a mom.

Books Authored

I’ve authored a book about using Outlook 2007 — Brilliant Outlook Pocketbook. I’m a co-author of Adapting to Web Standards: CSS and Ajax for Big Sites. I’ve contributed to other books covering software, web design, blogging, business and writing.

Read My Story

I won’t bore you with my life’s story. Since many people ask, you can read my story on how I became a full-time writer. Folks often ask about getting started as a writer, so that’s covered in how to get started as a writer, which has links to more resources.

Connect with Me

Thanks for stopping by to learn about me. You can connect with me on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google + and twitter, of course. More? All right, about.me has most of my social network IDs.


I’ve been blogging on meryl.net since June 2000. I added a Baby Blog in 2002 while pregnant with the youngest and a deaf blog in 2003 when I was preparing for a cochlear implant. Then, Mark Wegner hooked me on casual games and inspired me to start TheGameZen. I occasionally update these blogs:

Thanks to Amy Palko and Darren Rowse for the Twitter landing page inspiration.

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