September 2002

September 23, 2002
Staying Tightlipped

It isn't easy keeping the mouth shut especially when you are dizzy or feel like you're going to gag in any moment. It's been difficult working on the computer since the sofa and the bed calls louder than anything else.

September 13, 2002

This isn't about the movie. When a woman suspects something is up — signs begin popping up everywhere. Could it be that she's more aware? Judge for yourself.

On Sunday (September 8), Lane, my son, did something — but I'm too embarrassed to share it here.

On Tuesday (September 10), I had a message on the machine from a doctor's office indicating they wanted to move a prenatal appointment on September 27. Uh, we didn't call to make an appointment. We hadn't even confirmed for sure. We hadn't even decided which doctor we wanted.

I loved the doctor (Dr. T) I had previously, but our insurance doesn't cover his services. Dr. T was out of town for a long time, so I met another doctor (Dr. G) on the insurance plan. Immediately, I was comfortable with him. But that didn't keep me from thinking about the other one who made everything so easy. Since the call was from the Dr. G's office, we chose him.

That Tuesday night, Paul was looking at the TV guide and accidentally eyed the title of an episode for a show we don't even watch. The title? “Pregnancy Test.” I wasn't ready to attempt The Stick, yet.

The Test

Who says Friday, the 13th is bad luck? It never has been for me and the lucky streak continues — big time.

I woke up for my usual trip to the loo at 4:00 AM. I figured, “What the heck?” and fetched The Stick. Did business, left The Stick, and went back to bed. Couldn't fall back asleep, so went back to the loo and looked at The Stick. Jackpot. Too excited to go back to sleep.

Spent most of the day setting up this blog. Just couldn't concentrate on anything else.

September 12, 2002
I Smell a Plot

Been napping a lot in the past couple of weeks — I ain't no napper. Began getting suspicious around August 30 and more on September 9.

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