December 2002

December 24, 2002
Lamebrain Days

I've become a total lamebrain, me, an organized freak. Already, I've misplaced two software CDs and can't find them. Of course, I keep all the CDs in a case or on the desk in the office. Even turned my computer area upside down and nada. This lamebraininess has already cost me about $27 for replacing one program.

Actually, I probably have wasted more money than that and I just don't remember.

If I forget about this blog, please let me know! ;)

December 16, 2002
Big Sonogram Day

Just returned from the big sonogram (that's the one that happens around 18 to 20 weeks and typically, you go to a specialist who has a more powerful machine) and all looks good. Baby weighs 10 ounces and is 8 inches long. No, we didn't find out the gender. But, we assure you it will be a boy or girl. :)

Saw the feet, the hands (clasped together), brain, stomach, spine, face (kind of spooky looking -- scanned pictures coming shortly), and even saw the mouth moving.

The rest of the pregnancy is mostly just getting bigger.

December 09, 2002
Babe Bra

Had my check up today and all is well. Heartbeat on track. It's a relief because I had an MRI last week. Everyone said it was safe, but I still needed a peace of mind.

Men -- this is an embarrassing, but important topic. Having this information could make a lady grateful to you.

Bras. They're a pain... pregnant or not. In the two previous pregnancies, I found some, but none that I cared to keep. When I unboxed the maternity stuff and checked out the bra... it wasn't comfortable at all. Did a little 'net research and decided to try the Bravado from Canada. Oh my gosh! That's it. Why didn't I find it years ago? They're soft and comfortable. It's like wearing a sports bra.

December 02, 2002
Travel - The Resolution

I am not going. I've got two young children and I think I'll be absolutely miserable on the 10 hour flight there and back. The country will be there and I'll just make another opportunity to go in the future.

I actually feel better since I opted not to go. If I had decided to go, I would worry about making sure I have plenty of water and snacks, packing the right stuff to keep me comfortable, etc. etc.

Kerry, thanks for your input.

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