February 2003

February 27, 2003
CPSC News on Step Stools

The First Years® Inc. announces new safety instructions to prevent injuries for Combo Baby Tubs / Step Stools .

The Betesh Group of New York, N.Y., is voluntarily recalling about 11,200 Busy Bug plush toys.

Random House Inc., of New York, N.Y., is voluntarily recalling about 360,000 children's board book sets. The book sets were sold in cardboard boxes with plastic snaps. The plastic snaps can detach, posing a choking hazard to young children. The book set titles are Monsters to Go!, Disney Princess - Disney The Princess Collection 2, Disney's Winnie The Pooh - A Very Merry Christmas, and Barbie - My Barbie Fun Box.

February 24, 2003
Digital Web Baby Born

The newest addition to the Digital Web Magazine staff: Madison Mackenzie Parrott was born at 6:41 a.m. on Friday, Feb. 21. She weighed 7 lbs., 5 oz. Mom and baby are doing well. Congrats, Kimmie and Britt!

February 22, 2003
Prego Brain Attacks

I'm on a prego brain roll. In coming home through the alleyway, I drove past my garage. As soon as I realized it, I backed up and ran over a trash bin. Anybody home in the brain?

Talking to another mom, I asked her a question. She left the room for ten minutes. She returned. I asked the same danged question.

It's a miracle nothing has gone wrong with the mandatory training program that I'm managing for 350 people in four different states. This means setting up videoconferences, setting up conference rooms for the locals, teaching the class, tracking who has attended and who has not, and creating metrics. In doing all this, I can't answer other work-related questions without notes. It's either have the training on the brain or everything else. Two more weeks of training then a much needed week off.

Of course, there's something else to share, but I forgot it.

February 14, 2003
Respecting Others

Just prior to getting pregnant with this child, a friend of mine had a miscarriage. Recently, I heard about another who just had one. I'm very sorry for their news and can understand it because it happened to me between kid 1 and 2.

I have another friend, actually two, that are having infertility challenges. Out of respect, I didn't know what to do when I announced my pregnancy. Well, one friend was easy... she wants to know regardless. The other one, I was afraid to say anything, but eventually told her and she was happy I told her.

From my own experience, I don't want people who have good news to avoid sharing it with me because of what happened. Sure, I might get jealous or feel a pang, but this person has the right to be happy and I am happy for her.

One friend was invited to another's baby shower. She had just miscarried and wasn't ready to go to the shower. Her friend was disrespectful saying that she should go, blah blah. Each person heals in her own time. I went to a baby shower within a couple of weeks after it happened to me. Yes, I was sad, but I wanted to be ther for my friend. It's not often that a friend has a baby.

February 12, 2003
Long Day

I took this The Mirror Project photo yesterday after a long day at work. Actually, this is probably how I feel most days after a full day of work. Only thirty-something more days of getting up for work at the office before the long break.

Darn, I missed #13333 by two digits. At least, I got three threes in!

February 11, 2003
Bird and the Bees and the Toddler

Just took my son for his annual check up. Each time we go, we receive one sheet of information on the main things to know about this stage and how to help. Well, it's time for s-e-x talk. This is the age when kids begin to get curious. Although, my son hasn't really shown interest, it's an ideal time while Mom is pregnant.

I bought Mommy Laid an Egg! or Where Do Babies Come From! when I was pregnant with my son so I could read it to my daughter. It's hilarious! The parent who is afraid of the s-e-x talk will loosen up with this book.

I just read the other reviews on the book and couldn't believe it. After closer inspection, I can see how some people were offended. The different positions to see how mommy and daddy fit -- it never occurred to me as naughty. I mean, really! Can a 4-year-old see positions the way we adults do?

Read the reviews and decide for yourself. If you disagree, I respect that. Any books you suggest?

February 10, 2003
Birth Plans

Like John Stossel says, "Gimme a Break!" With each pregnancy, I hear about birth plans and how useful they are. Sure, I filled it out a couple of times. When the day comes, it's thrown out the door. Everything is really spur-of-the-moment.

Some moms may find the plan useful, but I'm willing to bet not many stick with it or even bother to remember having it with them on the big day. I remember the most important things because I feel strongly about them.

On the other hand, if something should happen and the mom isn't alert -- then it is wise to notify someone of your wishes. I count on my spouse to handle that. If there is no spouse or partner, then documenting it would be wise.

My plan? Epidural - God, yes! Induce labor? Only if necessary. Anyone in the room? Just spouse, thankyouverymuch. We do let Mom in to be the camera manager. Monitoring - do what's necessary, it don't bug me none. Position - whatever feels right for the time. Enough, isn't it? This particular one is almost 12 pages! Mine fits on one page.

February 08, 2003

See what's happening to the baby on a weekly basis through ultrasound images. These pictures are fascinating to view. I had a sonogram on Thursday and the doctor showed us a neat view of the baby's face. It's not clear enough to see whose eyes and nose that baby has, but it's amazing. The picture wasn't as clear as this one at 26 weeks... picture black and white with more fuzziness.

It's been a very rough week especially since one toddler decided to see what happens when he uses the toilet as a playground costing $600 in clean up. I decided to look around for bedding sets / a theme for the room because I never really liked the other two bedding sets. Although, I do love my son's painted room with hot air balloons. I picked a set for a girl and a set for a boy at Pottery Barn.

February 03, 2003
Fave Baby Equipment

I stopped by the baby store last weekend to see what's new in baby stuff since a lot changes in four years. Heck, the stuff from my first born (9 years ago) are practically extinct today.

What are you favorite products and why? Bouncy seats rule. I do need to get a new one since second kid bounced the bouncy to death. I had a hard time finding towels in the store. Not many from which to choose. Plus, the choices were girl, boy, and green. Literally, the pinks would have girl written on it... the blues have boys... and green were the only neutral. Guess I'll have to wait till after the big day before figuring out the rest of 'em.

I admit I lean toward Graco products. However, there is one item that is the best and I'll be using it again -- Peg Perego high chair. That blows away the one we had with the first born and it's ready for another ride.

Strollers -- I am having trouble figuring out what to get. The one we have is from the first kid and it's bulky and doesn't drive well. Any good experiences?


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