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Content and digital marketing services

Meryl has more than 20 years of diverse digital marketing, editing, writing, research and copyediting experience. She often covers technology, SaaS, marketing, social media, automotive, finance and writing. Clients have used her for other topics because of her thorough research.

It’s helpful to use a content pro who knows your industry at a high level because it ensures the content is understandable depending on the audience. If your content is already written, edited or both — submit it for review so the copy gets transformed from good to great and makes search engines happy. Here are client testimonials.

Save time

Let go of your digital marketing tasks and cut your workload. An experienced digital marketer can give content the attention it deserves. Experienced writers also finish the work faster because they’ve done the process many times.

You can count on receiving high quality work done on time and on target so you get more business. Also Meryl makes sure your content compels your audience takes the right action.

If you have a staff of writers and editors, request process services to ensure your processes work as efficiently as possible.

Increase readability and “stick”ability

Do you have web content, letters, ads, or sales copy? How are your conversion rates? Let’s see how we can make them better. Maybe the content needs a little massaging. See your conversion rates climb with Meryl’s help.

Get a fresh pair of eyes …

When we write articles, white papers, reports and any other business documents, we get too close to it because we’re familiar with the topic and jargon. Send your documents to a reliable outsider who can ensure it’s easy-to-understand, jargon-free and a smooth read for that audience you want to win over.

Need technical writing and documentation for software or other products? Expect technical writing that clearly and thoroughly explains your products so your users know what to do. The documentation is organized and formatted to make it easier for users to scan and find the information they need. If you have a style guide, editorial policies, or a voice, then expect the edits to follow the rules.


It’s tough to focus on your core business and trust someone else to take care of your content. Get to know your writer, editor, and consultant through client testimonials, meryl’s notes – weblog (since 2000) and deaf blog.

Her track record has repeatedly proven she’s reliable, on time, efficient and productive. Almost 100 percent of Meryl’s clients use her content marketing services again.

Get articles, features, fillers …

Meryl produces non-fiction feature articles covering technology, marketing, business, social media and writing. No project is too small or too big.

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