Meryl Evans is one of the reasons why InternetVIZ is in business today. Without her, the first overload of business would have sunk us. She has also made me aware of the need of clear and concise written communication. She has an accessibility and directness that is wonderful. Her intuition is great. I consider her a ‘trail blazer’. Finally, her work with eNewsletter Journal and The Remediator Security Digest are outstanding.

We are fortunate to have been able to rely on Meryl to augment our internal resources here at Marqui. Recently, she was instrumental in helping us craft a white paper on blogging that helped us not only capture the spirit (through tone and manner) of the subject perfectly, it provided welcome entertainment along with technological enlightenment for our readers.

The paper has been (so far) downloaded more than 1600 times from our web site. And it is a testament to our collaboration that we’ve received compliments like this one: ‘Finally. A white paper not written by committee. How refreshing.’ Thank you, Meryl.

— Janet Johnson, VP Communications, Marqui

In addition to being an accomplished writer herself, Meryl is a researcher supreme if you need someone knowledgeable about all things. She is fast, responsive and always ‘gets it’ with a minimum of communication. I recommend her services highly. She is a pleasure to work with.

Meryl Evans has been an outstanding freelancer for PC Today Magazine. Her understanding of mobile technology has made her one of our go-to writers. Not only that, she’s extremely prompt and professional. It has been a pleasure to work with her.

— Nate Hoppe, Editor, Sandhills Publishing

Working with Meryl has been a pure delight! I had so many ideas of what I needed and wanted to say and in so many versions – I didn’t know where to begin. Meryl sorted through the all the twisted and tangled threads and wove them into a masterful dialogue that is proudly displayed on my website. It’s great to know that Meryl is there for all my writing projects. An international company contacted me because of the web site content she wrote.

You are a wizard at putting my thoughts on paper. It must be a special gift to take so much jargon and make it a sensible report.

— Ernest Henderson, Airport Manager

I appreciate the quality of Meryl’s reviews, and her work ethic / dependability. I mean it wholeheartedly. Nothing made me happier than find a review from her that helped me make some of the tougher decisions.

Meryl has the unique ability to quickly comprehend a project and its nuances, she is responsive to requests and deadlines and she has the capability to add value throughout the entire process. All of us at Gather Around Games respect her opinion and find her a pleasure to work with.

You’re a hell of a writer!

Meryl Evans is the hardest working Managing Editor I have met. She is very proficient at her job and always meets if not exceeds my expectations. If I needed to hire a freelance editor, I would hire Meryl before anyone else.

This is a site that even I understand, so I know my members will also. I can’t believe how much you guys did in such a short amount of time. Unlike my original web developer, you listened to what I wanted and gave it to me without hassle. Thanks! (On setting up a business blog.)

— Jeff Forester, Executive Director of MSRPO

I recently used the services of Meryl to rewrite the text of a couple of my websites and I love the results that I received. She if very customer oriented and able to understand your needs while at the same time fulfill them beyond your expectations. Please continue reading below to find out more about Meryl and her services.

Meryl K. Evans is one of those rare people who can explain the most mind-numbing technical topics in such everyday terms that even nontechies like me can understand.

— Janet Roberts, Editor, The Email List Owner Resource Network

Meryl has passion, personality, and a persistent personal voice. She isn’t just followed by our subscribers, she’s adored. When they don’t hear from her after a while, we’re sure to get a few ‘Where’s Meryl?!’ e-mails.

A quick note to say kudos on bringing Meryl back into the writing stable! I have really missed her down home way she writes. Her writing style makes me feel like she’s an old family friend writing me along with others in my family. I hope she is back as a regular!

— Bullitt Darlington

Meryl K. Evans is not only a great editor and writer, her love for the Web and its denizens is apparent in all her activities. Whether keeping up with design and development issues via her own blog or other venues, Meryl is a leading voice in the cry for sensible, contemporary, and standards-based design.

It is a delight to work with Meryl. She delivers high quality work, at a reasonable price, with great turnaround. I recommend her highly!

Meryl’s thoroughness and attention to detail have been key ingredients to the success of the book projects that we have worked on.

Meryl is an important asset for our website. She is able to sort through a large volume of industry news and break it all down into pithy and interesting weblog entries for our readers, all with a writing style that is a perfect mix of technical and conversational. She is a dependable contributor; I know not only that she’s going to get her assignments in on time, but that they will be well-written and useful for our audience.

— Dustin Sullivan, Senior Site Content Manager, InformIT

Meryl.net: one of the 101 Best Web Sites for Writers in 2005.

Meryl is a joy to work with, whip smart, delivers her work on time and exceeds expectations, and is a great all-around person too! She has written several articles for a new Web site and takes pride in her work. I highly recommend her for this type of work. She truly is a content maven.

Top qualities: Great results, good value, on time

Meryl’s work brings your writing to a level of real time real world readiness that enable you to reach your full potential with your target audience. She is a word master par excellence — a go to the mountain guru of the written word, who is capable of making your words, skills, and talents really shine, and propel them into greatness.

— Paul J. Krupin, author and President Direct Contact Services, Inc.

I have a good stable [of contributors] — but not as many true writers who also know marketing, which is where I’d put Meryl.

Meryl’s down-to-earth and insightful advice can transform any website from a money-sucker to a money-maker. Pay no mind to the get-rich-quick snake oil salesmen populating the Internet; the path to riches on the Internet is a long road that must be traveled slowly. There are few people better equipped than Meryl Evans to make that journey smooth and satisfying.

Your work is super and you are responsive and dependable. I wish we could clone you. Meryl is also talented, fast, smart, reliable, a good communicator, and honest. A precious combination.

When I think of “professional writer,” I think of Meryl.
When I think of “personable” writer I think of Meryl.
When I think of a “Git’er Done” writer, I think of Meryl.
When I think of a truly caring and sharing person, in business and life, I think of Meryl.
And… When I think “it doesn’t get much better than that,” I think of Meryl.

We are excited about Meryl’s work for us. She is a very talented person and content written by Meryl reflects our company message with her own unique style. It is a delight to work with Meryl. She is a true pearl in the sea of freelancers.

Thanks for your feedback and edits on my thesis. Your responsiveness and contributions are outstanding.

— Patrick Kehoe

Meryl\’s Notes offer the most content rich material in my inbox.

Meryl is a creative and original writer. She has natural intelligence, and worked to understand my project so she could interpret my ideas effectively. In addition, Meryl demonstrated excellent patience while working with me during the proofreading process of my thesis. She also has excellent communication skills and supported me in my thesis work in a timely manner.

— Vikram Khanna, Messaging Consultant

I recall quite clearly that it was coming down to the wire; I was just completing my thesis and the due date was impending. To be honest, I was barely able to review my paper or correct the grammatical and structural errors in my paper. Luckily, Meryl was recommended to me by a professor. I required that my paper be edited – approximately 100 pages – with a 3 day turnaround. I was surprised when Meryl accepted the task and was able to accommodate my request with such grace and calm. She was very thorough and the changes that she suggested made complete sense. Meryl, thanks, you played a major role the acceptance of my thesis, returning high quality work to me in a timely and orderly manner given the strict guidelines of the department and the short time I gave you.

— Ayana Cavelle Quackenbush, NYU MSIS

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